Here is at present only some information more ber the Dereferrer service of Anonymizer. Soon it becomes here however further Anonymittsdienste give. The use of the Referrer distance service is very simple: it links anonymous on without that your side/board appears to the linked side as Referrer in the log files. Amend simply the forum software, or the like that before (with HTTP: beginning left) one sets. Why fr this purpose best an external service like Anonymizer being used should, lsst itself with forum news reread. With questions, like this service into your board to integrate is, simply in the Web master forums on gulli:board inquire; -)

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If you want to provide only a manual left, in order to publish this on your homepage or on a board without Dereferrer function, we offer a simple possibility here to you of generating uncomplicatedly one Anonymizer left.

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